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Keep On Keeping On Portland!

Keep On Keeping On Portland!

Our beautiful city we call home has been hit with snowstorm after snowstorm this winter season. While it may seem normal for many parts of the world, for Portland, this much snow is very UNCOMMON.

Last Tuesday, the city of Portland received as much as 16" of snow. The last time it snowed this much in Portland was in 1980.

Last winter we received maybe 3"-4" of snow and the city shut down for 2 days. Imagine was 16" did!

Many of our friends in Portland are just like us... small business owners working around the clock to continue living and chasing the dream.

This winter season has definitely had us rethink our business model and moving forward, the reigns of Orn Hansen will be held by Rodellee, the wife of Orn Hansen founder, Robby.

Robby and Rodellee founded the shop together a few years ago when it started in Long Beach, CA. Then when the shop moved to Portland, Robby decided to focus the shop more on menswear. However, life threw a curve ball and a not to be missed opportunity in the craft beer industry, Robby's main passion.

And so...Orn Hansen hung on. We hung on and tried to make it work. Then this winter came, and what already was a shaky Holiday Sale season just got a little worse.

We weren't alone. So many of our shopkeeper friends echoed the same troubles, stress, and worries as us.

However, we're not the types to stand idly by and let things fall as they may. No way, Jose!

We're changing with the times. We're keeping on and keeping it going. We're remodeling the store space to reflect the new changes.

Rodellee will be at the helm and is looking forward to focusing, polishing, and redefining what Orn Hansen is all about.

Stay tuned friends! A new chapter is about to begin.